Implementing 3D Printing techniques to fit your needs

At Mechanical Design Technologies, 3D printing is used to its full potential, creating solutions where traditional machining is ineffective.

Custom Parts

Can’t find a part to fit your needs? Need a complex shape to fit your product? At Mechanical Design Technologies, we can create a new, lightweight, durable part for any application.

Rapid Prototyping

Our capabilities include creating prototypes quickly and cheaply, reducing production costs and allowing for ideas to be tested and reiterated at low cost.

Specially Tailored Material Properties

With new 3D printing materials being developed everyday, there is sure to be a material suitable for needs. Some specialty materials available are thermally conductive print materials, Kevlar, carbon fiber, flex materials, and carbon fiber.

“With 3D printing, complexity is free. The printer doesn’t care if it makes the most rudimentary shape or the most complex shape, and that is completely turning design and manufacturing on its head as we know it.”

– Avi Reichental (Former CEO of 3D Systems and Pioneer in 3D printing industry)

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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